Our Art curriculum engages and enthrals children to use their imagination and creativity, and to develop skills in a range of media as well as overarching core concepts.

Our offer is sequenced carefully, is knowledge and skills rich, is progressive and ensures our children are ready for the world. 

Curriculum Intent

Six skills strands form the basis of our Art curriculum, of which colour mixing, drawing, painting and sculpture are the first four, and these four progressive skills will be taught each year. Returning to these key art skills time and again allows children to consolidate and build on previous learning and supports the development of long-term memory. Our fifth skills strand is experiential and exposes children to a range of exciting art media, encouraging keen enjoyment of art and confidence for later exposure at secondary school. A final strand recalls our ambition for all children at Christ the King to visit at least one art space during their time in primary school, to experience art in the wider world. These skills strands are interwoven with core concepts in comparison, critique, experimentation, innovation, imagination and evaluation to develop artists with a comprehensive skill set. Powerful knowledge of artists and the art canon is taught chronologically through school so that children gain an understanding of how art has changed over time and start to imagine where the next generation of artists may take it. The outcomes of this curriculum will not only be exceptional pieces of artwork but also exceptional relationships, as children work and develop together and teachers cultivate children’s creativity.