Personal Development (including PHSE and RSE)

At Christ the King we believe that the PSHE, RSE, Catholic Social Teaching and Personal Development curriculum plays a fundamental part in the development of our children.  

Our aim is to prepare children for the next stages of their lives, in Key Stage 3 and for life as an adult in the wider world.

Our pupils develop a strong sense of self, an understanding of how to stay safe, both physically and emotionally, whilst finding their place within a wider community. We aspire for all our students at Christ the King to be confident, independent and self-aware, therefore equipping them to undertake new life experiences now and in the future. We aim to create a happy, vibrant environment where diversity and individuality are celebrated. We nurture and inspire children to develop confidence and resilience in an environment where efforts are valued and all children flourish.Our School values, British values and teaching of Protected Characteristics are also embedded in our whole curriculum and ethos, teaching the children the skills, habits, attributes and dispositions to be successful citizens of the future. 

Through RE, PSHE, RSE and our personal development offer, our children are encouraged to use our School Values to support their decision making and to articulate how they might choose to act in various situations and why.  Our values are lived out as virtues and these are recognised and celebrated daily throughout our school, creating a culture of love, respect, hope, forgiveness, service, gratitude, compassion and justice. 

RSE Curriculum

Christ the King’s RSE curriculum is taught using two schemes 1Decision and Ten:Ten – Life to the Full.  Both schemes are approved by the Diocese and covers all the compulsory RHSE National Curriculum.

1Decision is used to teach RSE in Years 1 – 5 and Ten:Ten is used in Year 6 to teach the units of Making Babies Part 1, Making Babies Part 2 and Seeing things online. 

PHSE Curriculum

Our PHSE curriculum is taught using the scheme 1Decision. 

Safeguarding, Equalities and British Values