Hello and Welcome to Year 5

Throughout your time at Christ the King, we want you to be happy, to feel safe and to be given the tools you need in order to achieve your full potential, whilst growing and developing your own faith and understanding about who you are.

Our curriculum has been carefully designed to achieve this, based on research about how children learn best.  Your learning will be broken down into small steps that should enable you to build your knowledge piece by piece and to help you to have that knowledge at your fingertips whenever you need it.  We give you lots of opportunities to revisit and retrieve this knowledge throughout the year and we encourage you to think about what you have learnt before and how this knowledge helps you as a starting point for building new knowledge.  Our curriculum has golden threads woven throughout it, these drive our curriculum, helping you to make links and to build knowledge.  These golden threads are Communication, Sustainability and Stewardship and Freedom.  It is also important that your learning is relevant to your life and can help you to make better choices as you grow and develop.  Our mission statement sets out the virtues we try to display at all times in school and together, through our curriculum, we learn about a diverse range of people who give us good examples of these virtues in their lives.

We look forward to seeing you thrive this year and into the future, walking together in Christ to try and become the best that we can be – We Can and We Will!

Below, you will find some useful information about life in Year 5

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Meet the Staff for this Class


Miss Abigail Smith

Teaching Assistants

Mrs Theresa Patton

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