Our Mission Statement and Values

At Christ the King Catholic Voluntary Academy, our mission is to be the best that we can be.

We can and we will follow in Jesus’ footsteps by:

Loving God and loving others.

Respecting each other with good manners and thoughtful behaviour.

Keeping hope in our hearts as we work to create a better world.

Forgiving others and trying to see the best in everyone and everything.

Serving others and achieving together with hard work and prayer.

Showing compassion through kind words, selfless acts and care for our world.

Being grateful for our different gifts and talents.

Working tirelessly for justice, helping those in need.

We pray we can.

We believe we can.

We know we can!

Our Motto

At Christ the King, our motto is:

“We can and we will follow in Jesus’ footsteps.”


Our Ethos, our central unifying principle, is our Catholic Faith and the Kingship of Christ.  Our school badge reflects this, with the cross reminding us of His sacrifice and the Latin Christus Regnat meaning Christ reigns.

We remember that Christ came to serve others and therefore we unite around our values crown – a crown not made up of gold and jewels, but a crown made up of the precious example Christ gives us about how to live.


As a school community, we all voted to choose the Gospel values that were most important to us.  Our children encounter our values daily at Christ the King school and staff, children and parents are encouraged to show these values in all they do, bearing witness to our school life and mission.

The values are inter-related and our children will identify the ways in which they are linked, and can be lived out, as they move through school.

Each Year Group focuses on a different gospel value and explores the significance of that value through study, prayer and reflection.

The scriptures and lives of the Saints offer inspiration and explanation for our children in order to illuminate these values and to understand them more fully.

Our children will be encouraged to learn about these values and how they can become outward signs of their Faith.


Our Gospel Values are important in guiding our thoughts, words and actions.  When we live out these values day to day, they become virtues, helping to shape the character of our children and giving them the tools needed to become responsible, moral citizens.  Through RE, PSHE and our personal development offer, the children are encouraged to use virtues to support their decision making and to articulate how they might choose to act in various situations and why.  Our values are lived out as virtues and these are recognised and celebrated daily throughout our school, creating a culture of love, respect, hope, forgiveness, service, gratitude, compassion and justice.